CHS Uniform Procedure

This year you will have 3 uniforms for the marching season. You will be responsible for a Khaki, White, and Black uniform. You are responsible for each component of each uniform and making sure the uniform is ready for Friday night games, competitions, parades, etc. We will break down each uniform so you can have a check list to safeguard against any “I forgot” moments this season.


First there are a few universals to all three uniforms…

  • NO earrings— Even if you just got your ears pierced.
  • NO bracelets
  • NO necklaces or rings must be showing
  • NO ribbons
  • Your uniform must be always clean and wrinkle free


Khaki Uniform

  • 2022-2023 Band Shirt
  • Khaki Shorts (In dress code please. Thanks.)
  • BROWN belt (We tuck in our shirts)
  • White Ankle Socks
  • Athletic Shoes

White Uniform

  • 2022-2023 Band Shirt/Section shirt (Sections should be matching)
  • White Athletic Shorts (Basketball shorts, track shorts, or soffe shorts)
  • Knee length White Socks
  • White Bibbers (Pants)
  • White Marching Shoes--CLEAN
  • Jacket
  • White gloves

Black Uniform

  • 2022-2023 Band Shirt
  • Black Athletic Shorts
  • Knee length Black Socks
  • Black Bibbers (pants)
  • Black Marching Shoes
  • Jacket
  • White Gloves
  • Gauntlets


Uniform Length


All uniforms must be the appropriate length. When you receive your uniform, it is your job to try it on and see if it needs to be hemmed. Here are the descriptions of the correct lengths, along with pictures to help you.

  • The jacket sleeves have “snaps” so you can snap them up to the correct length. When your arms are down, the sleeve should be straight and look like the following…
Jacket without gloves Jacket with gloves Jacket with gloves and gauntlet

Jacket Without Gloves

Jacket With Gloves Jacket With Gloves & Gauntlets


  • The bibbers (Pants) should be wrinkle free and have a crease going down the middle of your shin. The length should be about ankle length and shouldn’t be so long that they create a “bend” in the pants.


How to hang your uniform up


  • You should know how to hang up your jacket. Your bibbers should be folded by “matching” the seams of the pants. After making sure its straight and wrinkle free, fold it over the hanger. In case of confusion…here are some pictures.